Accommodation Experiences in

The need for personal space and the avoidance of contact with others is next on the list when it comes to new priorities among travelers. Therefore, solutions that can deliver on this combination will be welcomed. COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of new technology in many areas of our lives and hospitality is no exception. Contactless guest experience solutions such as those provided by Criton and AeroGuest, among others, are desirable at this time as consumers seek to minimize physical interactions. Furthermore, technologies which allow consumers to use their devices to enhance the guest experience, for example, enabling keyless access or online check in, are likely to benefit and expand during this period as consumers embrace new approaches to minimize their interactions.

Finally, while consumers feel hotels can generally be relied upon to take the necessary steps, they are less confident about the behavior of their fellow travelers. Therefore, there is potential for accommodation providers to focus more on explaining to guests what is expected of them and to provide information which acts as reassurance that if others don’t comply there are procedures in place to rectify.

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