Introducing Gaia Hotel & Reserve’s New All-Inclusive Wellness Life Packages

The packages include a 7-day stay in a room, suite or villa and are geared towards adults only, luxury wellness holidays. You can go on a private tour for 2 in the nature reserve or just relax at the spa. You will get 3 meals a day plus snacks and smoothies. The packages also include a dental checkup and overall dental cleaning. It provides a Costa Rica yoga retreat[1] for the guests.

The Gaia project did not start out as a hotel but rather as a reserve. Dario Castelfranco and his wife came to Costa Rica in 1989 to start a botanical garden to save endangered species of orchids. However they ended up founding the Jardin Gaia conservation center in 1991. This center was a veterinary clinic dedicated to rehabilitating wounded and endangered wildlife species and endangered species of orchids. Jardin Gaia maintained its protection of natural habitats until the Castelfrancos relocated in 2004 and the conservation concept was passed on to the current owners.

The new management team at Gaia Hotel & Reserve has created these unique Costa Rica wellness retreats[2] with the idea of taking care of their guests’ mental and physical wellness while still providing 5 star accommodations and amenities. To ensure a complete retreat, guests are encouraged to tour the 10 acre, private nature reserve where many precious species of wildlife take refuge.

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